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The scale of our portfolio is matched with an equally comprehensive range of ways we can help you to grow your business.

Land Securities is far more than just a leading UK property owner and UK property developer. Instead our innovative retail strategies make us an active partner in your success.

The scale of our UK retail property portfolio is matched by the equally comprehensive range of ways we can help you grow your business.

Opportunities - Leasing Our Leasing approach is based on 3 key pillars Expertise and Knowledge, Partnership and Long Term Sustainable Growth. Our team will provide you with the perfect commercial solution for your business that will deliver long term growth for both businesses.

Opportunities - Mall Retailing Our Mall Retailing strategy compliments the inline retail mix and gives brands the chance to sell in the heart of the shopping centre. Pop-up stores offer a flexible retail space that enable both startups and multiples to showcase new ideas and attract passing customers by creating a strong line of sight into stores.

Opportunities - Brand Partnerships Our Brand Partnerships strategy offers a range of truly multi-channel, multi-media solutions. From brand experience and advertising opportunities to total brand immersion, the platforms we create enable you to interact with millions of customers throughout the retail journey - online, at home, in the shopping centre and immediately prior to purchase.

We undertake regular customer audits in order to maintain our high standards. Our most recent survey in April 2011, showed 100% of our customers were satisfied with Land Securities as a Landlord and 95% would recommend us.

At Land Securities we never stop trying to improve on what we've done before. We take pride in the awards we have received and the last year is no exception.

PMA (property managers association) Landlord of the Year & Best Service Provider of the Year 2010

Property Week Developer of the Year 2011

Estates Gazette Property Company of the Year, Retail 2010

Retail Team

Retail Leasing
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Mall Retailing
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Brand Partnerships
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