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‘Five’ is a premium selection of experiential spaces available exclusively within our national retail portfolio.

An innovative new model for the experiential promotions industry, Five consists of five 5m x 5m spaces that facilitate engagement with some of the most affluent, brand-conscious consumers living throughout the UK. Five offers comparable spaces within Bluewater, Trinity Leeds, St David’s in Cardiff, One New Change in the City, and Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow.

Five provides agencies and brands with simplicity, in terms of booking and approvals, consistency, due to the quality and dominance of the five locations, and opportunity, reflecting the strength of the five locations as brands and their ability to positively affect consumer behaviour.

The significance of Five is reflected in its key statistics: the Five locations have an annual footfall in excess of 115 million, and the total comparison goods spend within the catchments of the Five destinations is £4 billion. Other benefits of Five are dedicated marketing support across the five sites, including via social media, as well as a specific focus on measurement and ROI. In addition, agencies booking Five will receive commission.

Five can be booked via the Bluewater Commercial Partnerships team or Space and People. For further information, contact or