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Mall retail

Mall Retailing and Brand Partnerships 

Our portfolio offers unrivalled access to the leading retail environments in the UK’s leading cities. This environment delivers over 360 million visits annually, from a consumer audience that is both highly engaged and actively-shopping.

Our centres provide opportunities for mall-retailing in the heart of the centre, pop-up retail locations, experiential marketing and advertising. 

We have a dedicated team with a proven track record of delivering  award-winning activity that delivers tangible results for brands and retailers alike.


Many of our malls have dedicated experiential spaces to allow brands to showcase their product in the shopping centre environment, and engage with unprecedented numbers of consumers at a key point in the retail purchase cycle. 

With locations in many major cities, our premium malls attract high numbers of footfall and our consumer research allows us to help you plan campaigns to target specific demographics.  

Brand Partnerships 

Our Brand Partnerships strategy offers a range of truly multi-channel, multi-media solutions. From brand experience and advertising opportunities to total brand immersion, the platforms we create enable you to interact with millions of customers throughout the retail journey - online, at home, in the shopping centre and immediately prior to purchase.


We work with the UK’s leading advertisers to create a world-class environment for brands to advertise. 

With a footfall of over 360 million across our retail portfolio, the scale and impact of a campaign based around Land Securities’ centres combines coverage to the right audience at precisely the right moment. 

Mall Kiosks

Our Mall Retailing strategy compliments the inline retail mix and gives brands the chance to sell in the heart of the shopping centre.  

We have a number of opportunities across the UK, including prime locations such as London, Leeds, Cardiff and Glasgow. Whether you want to showcase your product or service, or simply grow your business, we offer the flexibility of long-term and short-term opportunities to meet your needs.